Andreas Tegnander

‘if trees could talk’

‘if trees could talk’ is a sound installation that makes the wind audible from the trees perspective. It is a space that ignores the wind’s chaotic soup of rustling leaves, and pays attention to the trees’ larger movements, thereby enhancing their individual identity. 

‘if trees could talk’ photos by Andreas Tegnander

In the exhilitionspace six trees are represented by six speakers. The cones vibrate with sounds harvested from the pressure waves created as the tree is thrown back and forth by the wind. Stand in the middle and hear them all, or stand close and listen to the individual tree as it sways. 

The space acts as an extension of our hearing, presenting us with sounds that are out of our hearing’s reach, and therefore usually not experienced.

Andreas Tegnander Short Bio

Andreas is a composer and sound artist with a degree in media and sono communication from Sonic College (DK). Through his study and later when working as a sound artist and engineer in STEIM and with other artists, he started developing works that questioned his ideas about perception of sound, using scientific and technological researches, attacking the question ‘what can be perceived’? Andreas is currently involved with a multitude of multimedia projects in this quest for a deeper sensory experience.