Sensory Translation in Art – Research Project 2021 – 2024

What does it mean to translate an artwork to another sense? What is the difference between a description or explanation of an artwork and actually sensing the artwork through another sense with the help of technology? Is it possible to create an alternative way of experiencing artworks by transferring this experience between different senses, inspired by the transfer of linguistic and cultural meanings between different languages in the practice of translation?

Sensory Translation in Art is a research project and a transnational collaboration between artists, music composers, engineers and an art theorist that explore questions of accessibility and inclusivity through sensory translation in the exhibition of art.


The first phase of the research project titled, What Do I Hear? focuses on prototyping technologies for sensory translation. The goal is to embed these technologies in the architecture of a gallery space in order to enable the mapping of sound- and movement-based artworks to vibration.