Marleen Hartjes

Talk by Maarlen Hartjes


In this presentation, Maarlen Hartjes will present the new floor design of Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, that will be opened in February 2019, as well as the research Inclusive and Special Guests that took place at the museum in the last five years. The idea is to make the Van Abbemuseum accessible for anyone who is curious, whether blind or visually impaired, deaf or aurally impaired. Even if confined to bed, the museum will come to you.

As it turned out, the possibility to experience the museum and the artworks with all senses is not only an additional value to these target groups with special needs, but also provides a special contribution to the museum experience of every visitor. Since its launch in October 2014, a series of recurring events took place every month, and there have been several changes so far to improve the accessibility of the museum. In addition to that, the Special Guests programme keeps developing and improving itself, always in close cooperation with the target and interest groups.